Eric Velasquez
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                                  My name is Eric Velasquez. In this web site you will find information about me, my books and illustrations, school visits, frequently asked questions, and more.

                                  Also in this site you can order my books from your local book store and contact me to schedule a school visit or to ask a question. There are also a few surprises to find!

                                  Please click on an image on my drawing table to find out more.


                                  New Books:


                                  Schomburg: The Man Who Built a Library
                                  is my newest book. It won 2018 Walter Award and the International Latino Award.


                                  Having me visit your school? Here is my short bio

                                  Free PDF for teachers: Teaching Eric Velasquez's Grandma's Records and Grandma's Gift:
                                  A Teachers Guide By Brian Kelley, Fordham University

                                  My book 旋风专业版ioshas won the Pura Belpre award for illustration.

                                  The book contains a recipe for pasteles (a traditional Puerto Rican dish). Download the recipe

                                  See more of my art in my 旋风加速官网


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